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Amniocentesis or amniotic fluid puncture

During the amniocentesis, 15-20ml of amniotic fluid is taken through the abdominal wall with the help of a puncture made under ultrasound guidance. This contains a small number of cells collected from the baby and the egg membranes, which are isolated from the amniotic fluid sample and multiplied before the examination. After two to three weeks, the number and shape of the chromosomes of these cells can be examined and abnormal deviations can be excluded or recognised. Thanks to technical progress, it is now possible to diagnose even small changes in the genetic material that are not visible under the microscope. Even some of these small changes can lead to serious childhood diseases. In connection with a genetic examination, we always recommend a genetic consultation, i.e. a consultation with a doctor of genetics, which we are happy to arrange.

In rare cases, the puncture can trigger contractions, a rupture of the membranes, bleeding or an infection. In 0.1-0.2% of all punctures, this results in a miscarriage.

The amniocentesis is performed during the 15th week of pregnancy at the earliest.

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