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Doctors and medical assistants of the gynecologist's office in mint-colored clothes

Our Team

We are an established team with a solid professional background and many years of professional experience in prenatal diagnosis. Because individual counselling before and after diagnosis is important to us, we are dedicated to creating an environment in which you can feel comfortable. We are happy to take the time necessary to do this.

Dr. med. Gundula Girschick

Woman wears mint t shirt and smiles

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Dipl.-Med. Holger Janke

Man with glasses wears watch and mint t-shirt and smiles

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Dr. med. Markus Vogt

Man with glasses smiles and wears a leaf green polo shirt

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Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Alexander Weichert

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Dr. med. Nina Siedentopf

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Dr. med. Josefine Königbauer

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