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Dipl.-Med. Holger Janke

"I am happy to reassure anxious patients and try to explain complicated issues in simple and understandable terms."

Dipl.-Med. Holger Janke

After studying medicine in Leipzig and Berlin, Holger Janke completed his specialist training in Ludwigsfelde, Berlin Köpenick and the Vivantes Klinikum in Berlin Neukölln.

Before becoming a partner in a specialist practice for prenatal diagnosis in Neukölln in 2001, he worked as a senior physician at the Perinatal Centre Neukölln and headed the department for prenatal diagnosis.

Alongside his partners at the time, Holger Janke founded the practice at Bergmannstrasse 102 in 2006.

He has the DEGUM-II level and is certified by the Fetal Medicine Foundation London.

Holger Janke is married, the father of two children and enjoys his five grandsons.

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